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To Greenhouse or Not to Greengouse

Discussion in 'Greenhouse - Shade house.' started by James Justice, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. James Justice

    James Justice New Member

    Sep 21, 2016
    Chino Valley
    Morning y'all. I am working on learning more about Aquaponics and Murray Hallam your teaching has beed very encouraging. Our local college uses and teaches some of all the methods out there.

    My question is I live in an area in Northern Arizona that gets all four seasons. Snow in the winter to high heats in the summer. I want to build a greenhouse for my home aquaponics system, about 5 barrels cut in half so 10 22.5 gallon media beds. As I build the frame I thought about adding some double pain windows I got for free around town and a poly-plastic corrugated roof. Now I am seeing a lot of peoples greenhouses are just shade screen and others cover their green house with screen when its hot.

    Which is best?
    Would fully open side during the warm seasons be best?
    Would hanging screen under the poly-plastic roof work? I saw that in the straw hat farmers video.
    What would you suggest?

    Thanks and God bless
  2. Terra

    Terra Active Member

    Jan 27, 2012
    south australia
    Ive been thrashing around with this one for awhile now .
    I get 4 distinct seasons
    I get a few days below freezing and plenty stinking hot days
    I intend going with a greenhouse covered with plastic as winter water temps get too cold and the fish wont feed / grow
    Roll up side plastic curtains , large rectangle roof vents (for when its hot) that I can open or close
    Shade cloth rollers on each peak which can be rolled back as required
    So during winter it can be closed up
    As we move into spring the side curtains can be rolled up
    As it warms up more the western side shadecloth can be rolled down and secured
    When the heat turns up full shade cloth cover and open roof vents .

    Sounds complicated but not really
    Rollers like we use on the grain trucks
    Winched up tight can cope with high winds no worries
    Use design to lessen our work load
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  3. Clive Denholm

    Clive Denholm Member

    Nov 25, 2015
    If possible I would also house the fish tanks in a separate structure and below ground level to control temperature better.

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