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silvers have scabies

Discussion in 'Fish' started by Fishdood, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Fishdood

    Fishdood Member

    Nov 7, 2011
    Hi all. Has been a while since I posted but my ap is still going pretty well. Although yesterday I discovered that some of my silvers had what looked like pieces out of them. (see pics).
    I have seen this before on the forum but don't recall what it is.

    So last night I set up a isolation tank for the ones I could catch. About 8 fish, 3 have since kicked it but the others now going well.
    image1.JPG IMG_3140.JPG
    I first put them in a salt wash then into the iso tank that also has high salt.

    A few affected fish still remain in the main tank. Seem to be doing ok. Co-joined tank has no issue.

    Water quality is good with the exception of low ph. Coming out of winter with little to no nitrogen levels and high ph, the nitrogen has risen fast along with the drop of the ph. So now buffering.

    Any advice beyond what I've already done?

    I will get around to doing an update on the system too with plenty of pics.

  2. Murray

    Murray Site Admin Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2009
    Mate, you need to get them into a hospital tank and salt. Salt at the rate of 1 kg per 1000 ltrs for a day or two, change water out, fresh water for 24 hours, repeat salt treatment. You may need to do that for three weeks to heal the sores.
    Alternatively, condy's crystals, 1/2 teaspoon per 1000 ltrs. LOADS of air as potassium permanganate (condy's crystals) is anti bacterial, anti fungal and also strips oxygen out of the water, so loads of air. The condy's crystals will send the water deep purple but it will dissipate overnight. Change the water and proceed with the salt treatment.

    This will work, I have seen the problem before. It is usually brought on by long periods of very low temps and water parameters being off. How is the pH now?
  3. Fishdood

    Fishdood Member

    Nov 7, 2011
    PH is now back up over 6 but I expect without repeated buffering it will drop but this is what I usually do anyway throughout the season.
    There are a few remaining fish in the tank that have this condition but I have not been able to catch them......as yet.

    Fish in isolation ward are doing well........ but don't like visitors. haha. I put a piece of cardboard in front of the tank so they could hide a bit..... wow they freaked ot more than when I caught them in the first place.

    I've also reduced feed rate for the time being as I am at maximum feed quantitys for my system. Usual story of over stocking for first time AP setup.........but the system is now 2 1/2 years old and generally performing well. I am still considering an expansion of another three beds..... + pump + solar ++++

    As you say Murray, the cold winter temps do knock the fish around allot. I'll do another post soon showing what else I have done to combat this.

    Thanks for the reply. Cheers.

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