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New System (3mnths) Issues

Discussion in 'General Aquaponics discussion - Aquaponics system ' started by Ben Wearing, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Ben Wearing

    Ben Wearing New Member

    Jan 8, 2022
    Hi All, hoping for understanding and modifications/remedy needed

    Cut and chop IBC system
    500L Tank with 20 fingerlings (silver perch)
    300L Grow bed with clay pebble substrate
    Growing leafy greens, Chilli, Cucumber and Strawberries ( all these are doing pretty well)
    11L bucket with shade cloth and finer material as a filter of fish waste (introduced 2 weeks ag0)
    Bell Siphon setup to drain and fill at a rate of 2.5times/hour
    4 Airators, getting plenty of Oxygen

    Week 2 Made beginners mistake of introducing fish early . PH 7.8
    Week 5 Nitrates 8-ppm and Ammonia 20ppm so I removed them and had the system cycling for 4-5 weeks.
    Week 9 Ammonia went to zero and Nitrate down to 5ppm. Plants were thriving.
    Q1 - Why didn't Nitrate go to Zero?
    a change I made was I introduced the bucket DYI filter of the fish waste

    Week 9 re- introduced fish
    Week 12 Ammonia holding steady at 5ppm but Nitrate climbing to 20ppm. PH 7.6 Temp 30deg
    Q2 - Do I need more grow bed sq footage?

    Just in the last week algae appeared in the filter bucket and now on the walls of the grow bed (green in colour), fish tank a film of brown looking algae. The water does not come close to the top of the grow media. It is under a tinted clear colour-bond roof, not directly in sunlight. 2 pics, first day and 2 weeks later added Aquaponics filter day 15.jpg Aquaponics Filter Day 1.jpg

    I had heard that the sides of the IBC grow bed needs covering, painting.

    Q3 - Could there be another reason as for the first 10 weeks there was no sign of algae, seems came on since introducing filter for fish waste

    Q4 - Now I have algae, what do i need to do?
    If I remove media and clean tank, cover/paint it, then all bacteria colony is lost yeah?

    Appreciate any help for those that have answers by experience, I appreciate it

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