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My Kid's Little Blue Barrel System - Swap for Carton (Perth)

Discussion in 'For sale - Lost - Found - Wanted - and such stuff.' started by Yabbies4me, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Yabbies4me

    Yabbies4me Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 27, 2010
    I built this little single blue barrel system for my kids many years ago, six in fact. It has worked a treat and kept up a steady supply of lettuce, coriander, bok-choy, spring onions etc. It's a trooper, it's been through the wars, including having a very heavy wooden patio dropped on it a few years back thanks to my next level demolition skills... hence the custom shape.

    The MFWAF is happy to harvest a lettuce or two out of it every week, but not so keen to top it up with water occasionally and the kids grew bored of it a long time ago, as teenagers do. Plus, it's predicted to be very hot over the Xmas/New year period and dads need to keep their fluids up while committing piscatorial genocide and other such activities... So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone?

    What you get:

    - Proven, reliable little aquaponic system running siphoned flood & drain.
    - 50L of quality German expanded clay.
    - Quality Aquapro pump.
    - 2x 20L drums so you can take away at least 40L of the system water (capacity @70L)
    - No fish sorry, the goldies have been donated to another cause.
    - No lettuce sorry, they are being harvested as we speak.
    - Worms - A free colony of unpaid workers.

    If you bring a ute, trailer, or station wagon etc, we can empty the water out of the system, stand it upright in your chosen method of transportation for transit, then when you get it home you can simply add the water back into the system and from there it’s just plug & play... and it’s ready for half a dozen goldies.

    What dad gets:

    - One less thing to remember to take care of.
    - A carton of 24 stubbies of quality Italian Peroni Leggera anti-dehydration fluid.

    Buuut!!!... It has to go by late 2mrw afternoon (Saturday 24th).

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