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Just starting out but goal is to go commercial.

Discussion in 'Commercial Systems' started by JoeBifano, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Landscaper

    Landscaper New Member

    Oct 27, 2011
    Strange place for a first post, I know. I’m Scott, Hi. I have a small system(s) just a couple months old posted on "the other site"
    I would like to introduce a different perspective on this whole "commercial" or selling vege's etc professionally.
    I have been studying Aquaponics for about a year now on a daily basis for hours to the point where I have to almost wait for new information (its good to be self employed), watching peoples systems being built and watching their bounties grow, commercial and backyard.
    I have been selling at farmers markets for quite some time from my container gardens and in-ground gardens. I have been gardening for over 30yrs (since I was a child) I have gardened in AZ, CA, ID, and FL. I also have a Landscape/Gardening company which is my full time profession. I have a Bachelor’s in IT as well (what I did before) research is my specialty.
    This perspective I speak of is LETS. It’s an acronym I coined for Location Economy Time, and Supplies. That’s assuming you have your budget in order, if not, were done here cause’ funding is a pain if it isn’t in your pocket!
    I see quite a bit of banter (all sincere and everyone always plays nice here it seems). What I don't see is folks taking into account these variables often enough in my opinion.
    I do see people attempting commercial "where they be" instead of "where they should be"
    Does the Economy at your location permit, and are you in a temperature zone which you can grow, what can you grow?
    Is the equipment available and affordable? Example, there is an abundance of equipment here construction was off the chain, and now DEAD. Stuff here is unbelievably cheap now.
    Not everyone is fortunate to be in a market where commercial Aquaponics is viable, even though it seems like everyone wants to. Sad but true.
    A statement from Mark at Rhiba (literally 5 miles away from my house) "I can't possibly grow enough veges, the demand is too high.” That’s here in Chandler AZ, might not be the same in Australia or even Colorado.
    As I said viability starts with market. I already have interest in my crops as I already sell. A good majority here want better veges and they’re willing to pay for them. And yes I grow year round and yes I fight the heat, but not so much the cold. Its arid here and moisture from mist systems is not a major concern.
    We are also focusing on cost reductions. Example, solar, yes I have panels I’m building them now, (the encapsulation needs to cure still.) We’re also planning solar collectors for heating the water. Living in the desert has its advantages!
    Here in Phoenix we have 5 million people and all the veges in the stores save the "maters from the Hydro farm in Wilcox" are nasty, I mean tasteless garbage "en masse" doesn't matter what time of year, they all are disgusting. I refuse to eat them. We import most veges these days.
    There is a farmer's market revolution here and all you need is a business lic and if your big enough liability ins. Obviously there's quite a bit more to it, just making a point
    Land here is cheap (housing market crashed).
    Alas budget. Like I said, I own a decently profitable company but before we invest,we are doing our trials and tribulations on a small scale, some hindsight from Mark as well.
    We now have 2 systems 6 grow beds custom fill/drain setups, and a couple of bell siphons, kind of all hybrid. I'm planning on combining those and a DWC trial in a couple months (NFT here impossible too hot in summer).
    I also see questions that are easily answered with the proper research. If you’re too lazy to research, you’re too lazy to own/operate almost any business let alone a hyper complex ecosystem.
    A wise man once told me “plant your seeds in soft fertile soil not on the rocks” I asked how would you know what’s below, he said “You gotta dig deep son!”
    Thanks for reading my 2 cents! I love what you all do!
  2. Castaway

    Castaway Senior Member

    Jun 7, 2009
    Wow! Sounds to me like you got a captive market in Phoenix with 5 million people to service with quality fresh vegetables! Thats one thing I heard people say repeatedly in the US. "There's a Demand for everything we can supply!" We dont have that level of interest, population or demand here in Australia so its hard to imagine the opportunities still available and waiting for some enterprising person to tap into that new market with commercial aquaponics. Good luck with your venture.
  3. Lucas7

    Lucas7 New Member

    Aug 10, 2011
    Landscaper, since you are in the Southwest U.S. be sure to tout the inherent benefit of water conservation when utilizing aquaponics. Stress that aquaponics uses 10% or less of the water consumed by standard farming.
  4. Landscaper

    Landscaper New Member

    Oct 27, 2011
    You know it! I was reflecting on my tour of Local farms and BYAP's. They always make mention of it!
  5. Peter Ross

    Peter Ross New Member

    Nov 15, 2019
    We now offer an additional one or two floating raft beds with our Homestead Kit.

    What is the Homestead Kit now called or morphed to in 2019?

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