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An aquaponic dream; can you help?

Discussion in 'General Aquaponics Discussion USA & Canada' started by Kayla Thompson, Oct 28, 2022.

  1. Kayla Thompson

    Kayla Thompson New Member

    Oct 28, 2022
    United States of America
    Del City
    I am currently working with a nonprofit business counselor to help me open this business... hopefully.
    I am one person. I could really use some words of support, truth, opinions, etc.
    On another note, if there is anyone interested in joining the team through volunteer or more, let me know.
    We don't even have a functioning board so I'm worried we will never take off and join the graveyard of businesses and nonprofits that never saw the light of day.

    During Covid, my husband lost his job. Life was hectic. We were due in just a few months to move out of our rental of 4 years with our 4 children. We weren't ready for that. Despite having the rest of the year, a water leak and mold forced us from our home. We were dreaming of homesteading not homelessness. Our dream had fashioned itself into a nonprofit to help low-income people. We didn't really know what we had gotten ourselves into, we just jumped with both feet and invested what we had into the filings necessary to become Thompson Family Homestead Inc. It was shortly after this we experienced homelessness ourselves. Just over a year later and here we are. In another dilapidated rental with nowhere to go but up. A little wiser. A little worried. And willful to make this work.

    The actual model is simple. Our business, Grandma's New Old Fashioned, will host earth-integrated warehouses of vertical aquaponics which will supply Ma's Grocery Buses. Ma's Grocery Buses are retrofitted buses that deliver like a mobile farmer's market. There have been several other food bus models but none of them supplied their own crops. We will outsource the remaining goods that we do not grow ourselves.
    The nonprofit, Thompson Family Homestead Inc., would act as a housing program for employees of GNOF. Once trained and having earned enough to pay for one's home, they will move on to live in a type of co-op community where they assist in maintaining aquaponics systems and enjoy homeownership with plenty of free time to pursue their own life passions. We would also like for GNOF to have an employee housing program, but we haven't worked out all the details to make it a financial success.

    If you have any suggestions don't hesitate :)

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