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Nov 21, 2022 at 5:10 PM
Jun 4, 2009
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Nov 12, 1946 (Age: 76)
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Brisbane Australia (southside)
Practical Aquaponics for Everyone. Manufacturer

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Site Admin, Male, 76, from Brisbane Australia (southside)

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Murray was last seen:
Nov 21, 2022 at 5:10 PM
    1. Murray
      Hi Henry,
      Not quite ready yet, the DVD. We are waiting on getting it printed.
    2. Dalman88
      Hello Murray,

      I am looking for the dvd that gives details on building your chop2 system.

      I am in Texas , USA ,

      I am looking to use a 300 gal round water stock tank Troughs I find online.
      "rotationally from U.S.D.A.-compliant low-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.5 specific gravity"

      I am also finding spill containment trays for beds 17" deep. It does not say what type of plastic though.

      I really want to purchase the dvd to start learning the details.

      Thank you in advance for your help,
    3. Murray
      No, sorry...no Walmarts here in Australia.
    4. Bluegill
      Hello Murray:
      Are there any Walmarts in your area?
    5. adam.francis
      Happy belated Murray!
    6. Todd61
      Happy Birthday Murray
    7. adam.francis
      Murray, your PM box is full so it wont let me respond to your message..
      was I suppose to get permission first? i apologize if so..

      its the first one on the right column..


      have a good day
    8. Swamp Creek Farms
      Swamp Creek Farms
      Hey Murray,
      I posted a bunch of pics in my profile album. I don't know how to share them with any one. Or if it is posted so people can view them. Check them out when ya get a minute.
    9. mcfarm
      Hi Murray, some weeks ago you said you could sell me a commercial biopod for $200 plus freight and I accepted. Do you want to do this or not? No problem if you don't, but it would be nice to know one way or the other. If you do, all I need is a price for freight to a depot in Canberra ACT or Queanbeyan NSW.
    10. Murray
      Good one Todd,
      Did you pay by Paypal ? If you did it should have gone through to our agent in CA to post out so it should not take too long to get to you.
      Regards Murray
    11. Todd61
      Hi Murray,
      Just ordered the new DVD. Looking forward to viewing it before I set up my system. Hope to get my system together before the end of May. Have you tried starting plants in the AP system and then potting them in soil?
    12. denandbil
      Hi Murray,

      Just wondering how hard it would be to convert our 3 bed balcony kit to a CHOP system?

      Would love to use the exisitng FT. Then convert the GB that sits on top to a fingerling tank and add a GB or 2.

      As much as possible, we would like to make use of everything that we already have.


    13. Murray
      Ju8st checking correct address BigDaddy, Po box 107 ....is that the correct P.O Box.
    14. bigdaddy
      Hi Murray,
      I was just wondering if you have sent that nitrate test kit down yet?
    15. wadadli
      Hi Murray, I have a question or two for you. I have been thinking of doing aquaponics on a small commercial level. Mainly hoping to do tomatoes and herbs. Problem is things are not cheap here and being in the Caribbean we are subjected to hurricanes and sudden squals.

      I have been thinking of using growing beds rather than dwc. I notice you have had luck with both, but seem to recommend dwc, what are the cons to using growbeds. One I have in mind will be 18' x 5' x 1' filled with 3/8" gravel. Later a smaller one will be added, 10' x 5' x1' In your experience is this worth it? The larger one can always be converted to dwc at a later date, with the smaller acting as a solids filter. I would have preferred to buy the beds but after shipping it will be cost prohibitive. BTW be blunt and let me know if I am dreaming :)
    16. Murray
      Hi BugD
      The album facility is very good. I am trying to get members to post photos in there in addition to what they post attached to their posts.
      Personal photo albums can be seen by all members and can be found under the community tab.
    17. bigdaddy
      Hi Murray,
      I've got some pictures of my system on my albums, if you want to have a look.Not sure how to post it yet .
      I've just read the message below .What a coincidence! Cheers
    18. dufflight
      How about a heating and cooling thread. I haven't had to do any of these but a thread to show how some have overcome this. I've got a few ideas on using an AC with too heat exchanges. One to remove the heat from a trout tank and the other to dump the heat into a barra tank.
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    Nov 12, 1946 (Age: 76)
    Home page:
    Brisbane Australia (southside)
    Practical Aquaponics for Everyone. Manufacturer
    Have loved gardening for ever. Own and run this Forum to spread the good word about Aquaponics.

    Aquaponics, sailing, flying, family



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