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Questions For Murray

Discussion in 'AQUAPONICS MADE EASY interactive discussion forum.' started by Ethan, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Ethan

    Ethan Member

    Feb 24, 2013
    Hi Murray -

    After being one of the first buyers of the Indy 23 system Plans in the USA - I am Finally about to get started no setting it up!

    SIZE: I am erecting a 30’ x 72’ greenhouse.

    Q: Can I add an additional "section" of grow bed to each side due to the extra room or will the fish tanks handle that much more grow bed? I think I asked that clearly... To add to that... I have enough room to do three 'runs' instead of the two that are in the Indy system. I see that the plumbing is tied together so I am wonder if I can add an additional 'run' of preferably media grow beds but floating raft and wicking bed if necessary to be able to add that much more to the system.
    Q: I believe I have enough room to add an entire "section" down the middle, between the two grow bed and floating bed. Would you recommend adding the section that has one 55 gallon drum or the other side with two drums? and how do I tie those into the current system... and I would do an additional fish tank as well.

    General Questions:

    Q: Is there a supplier now in the USA that provides all of the ’special’ plumbing… like the thru tank fittings and the 3/4” click attachment elbows and such…? A specific type pump you have landed on as best? And the bell siphon set up that is on the website… is that purchasable in the USA without a great shipping cost? I would desire to buy all of that stuff together to save on running all over trying to find these special things.
    Q: I have had these plans for quite some time without revisiting them. I keep up with you via facebook and am fascinated with your world travel. Have the plans been updated or altered in any way since I purchased them?
    I have other questions that can wait for sure. The above are the most pressing for me to move forward in short order.
    Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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