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New system Aggregate/Vermiculite/Vermicast

Discussion in 'New Aquaponics systems - off-the-shelf ready to go' started by Carruthers, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Carruthers

    Carruthers New Member

    Nov 30, 2013
    My first system> Duckpond to (dustbin) swirl filter positioned on top of a tree stump. In this filter is a netting bag & above that is a plastic bowl with holes drilled in that rests on the top edge of the bin the base of which is about 2" below the water level, to this I add vermicompost weekly.
    From there it splits to the two grow beds they are 80% filled with aggregate & the top 3-4” with vermiculite & a little vermicompost. Bell valves are homemade & exit into a duckpond soon to have Niloticus Tilapia/Bream added.
    Things to do: Still to possibly aerate the Vermicast swirlfilter area & add some overhead supports for tomatoes etc & put an air riser on the T union as it leaves the filter since it tends to suck air in unevenly causing differing amounts of water out of each outlet.

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