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Hey guys

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BogYMaN, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. BogYMaN

    BogYMaN New Member

    Aug 28, 2019
    Hey all...
    You’ve all been such a help in the countless times I’ve gone back to the drawing board (pencil and earasor)
    I’m finally happy enough about my setup that I thought I’d post up the discussion.

    I’ve always been limited or impaired in a number of ways in getting an ap project off the ground... it’s bin a pipe dream so say the least.
    I started out at a share house rental; figuring out how I can do this effectively and cheap... It ended in a fail with gifted golf fish to ny sister. The pallet triangular prisom of continuous flow pvc pipes fed from a bathtub and a half olive drum. The other half drum was a fd grow bed. I dappled in SLO’s and swirl filters but by the time summer came... gg.

    Needless to say the lessons learnt were that you can’t do things half-arsed, in temporary space and unwilling commit in spreading the roots.

    A few years pass, tending to the giant worm farm below the potted blueberries and herbs on the deck. Finally manage the overgrown acacias around the property and got some sunlight shinning on the clay soils. Raised a garden bed, excessive use off irrigation, but mostly things survive.
    But where I’ve been struggling as been fruit trees. They just don’t do well in clay and dabbled sunlight. Real sunlight without the dray 40c heat. Too many trees.
    The only viable place for anything to grow is on the deck.

    There’s been a few challenges to overcome:
    1) sunlight
    2) elevation
    3) weight

    I’ve always wanted to an aquaponics system working, so working around the place, putting up a few lights and power points (I run my own business as an electrician), I’ve worked slowly towards an idea.

    I was mid-way building my workshop out the front when I hear my sister was getting rid of her fish pond to make way for kid play space.
    I took the opportunity and aquired some koi, the pump and water filter and a good amount of dirty pond water.
    I had an olive drum and an old laundry trough with some clay beads and set something up relatively simple with a loop siphon and sump.
    The fish survived and grew.

    I invested in a better pump and 2x ibc tanks that I’ve put under the deck (pros of clay is that it’s easy to carve a solid footing for 700kg of fishpond).
    I took the lid off and built roof directly over the ibc to prevent leaves, pollen and the occasional lazy dog wee from contaminating the fish tank.
    I then used 3x olive drums chops about 1/3 to have a 5-600mm deep grow bed.
    They’re fed by electronic ball valves programmed using Arduino and a few relay cards.
    I timed how long each bed takes to fill / empty (3:15 / 2:30min) and set the program to run each bed for 3:33.
    There’s a 50mm pipe as a drain pipe back to the fish tank for the loop siphons do their thing.
    The fish tank as plenty of air (10w air pump) and a SLO out to a slightly lower IBC that I’m using as an overflow/garden (for now).

    I’ve decided on fruit trees, so I’ve got 2 pomegranates. One is disicuous and a heirloom, while the other seems to hold onto its leaves (a cutting from a friends tree).
    I know being deciduous means they won’t suck up much nutrients when they’re dormant, so was thinking rocket, corriandor watercress, potato’s or anything that’ll grow in the cool winter (1-8c).

    I’ve finally finished this earlier this week and have added 7x more small koi.

    I’m still planning to automises the basic feeding and a float switch for extra water. I also need to figure out the best way to make each bed isolatable and an overflow incase of siphon blocking/failing.

    Here are some photos! Lemme know what you think and any tips and tricks without backflips would be much appreciated!

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  2. Yabbies4me

    Yabbies4me Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 27, 2010
  3. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Super Moderator

    Feb 9, 2010
    South Australia
    Hi BogyMaN,

    Looks good.

    I would just keep an eye on how much biofiltartion I have compared to fish and fishtank water. If you pain he outside of the IBC you shuld increase it's life and minimize the U.V from the sun effecting it.


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