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Happy New Year - my new system, coming from wormaponics

Discussion in 'New Aquaponics systems - DIY' started by Pascal E., Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Pascal E.

    Pascal E. New Member

    Jan 1, 2019
    Just changed my so called wormaponics system to aquaponics.

    Whilst the original system worked well, it was a bit messy to look after compared to aquaponics. Weeds loved the environment more than my vegetable plants and the worms needed looking after as well. I am a lazy gardener and aquaponics seems like the perfect system for me

    Started with a new IBC and used most of the water from my existing wormaponics system. Due to space restrictions where my system resides, I decided to go with the horizontal stormwater pipes with constant water flow. IBC has 1,000L of water with 18 goldfish about 10cm size.

    On my old system I never did any water testing and after 3 years never had a problem with my fish or plants. Got the new system running for 6 days now and fish seem to be happy. Added some Seasol to get some nutrients to the plants but noticed some of the leaves are getting slightly yellow (posted a pic of my capsicum plant) which might just be due to the system not established yet or simply due to the 40 plus degree days here in Adelaide the last few days. Thought might be a good idea to buy a water testing system. Looked at the OASE Quicksticks which seems rather easy to use. Anyone got some experience with the them?

    Still waiting on my air pump to be shipped. Never used one on my old system but after reading on this forum decided it might be a good idea to add one. Also, still need to add a shade cloth as well as some bird netting.
    system 1.jpg system 2.jpg capsicum.jpg

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