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For the People living in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Heating or Cooling of your AP system.' started by yoodles, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. yoodles

    yoodles VIP Supporter

    Nov 17, 2013
    Mount Barker
    Hi Guys,

    this Saturday (18th) im going to Blanchetown to pickup a heap of cheap 50mm coolroom panel in 1x1m and (i think) 1x1.5m
    50mm think.

    See this gumtree add

    At this stage im going to be grabbing around 30 bits for myself for insulating fish tanks and a new dwc system and possible part of a wall on my shed

    Ive got the price down to $7.5 for each panel

    If anyone wants just a few sheets id be happy to buy extra and get them down to my place in mount barker for easier pickup for say $9.5 a panel (cover fuel for the 4 hour round trip to grab them)
    Let me know if anyone wants me to grab a couple of extra sheets.

    they were all brand new offcuts.



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