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DWC Questions

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Rob, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Andre Mathee

    Andre Mathee New Member

    Mar 28, 2018
    South Africa
    Murray, this is exactly my problem. I am currently transplanting my seedlings from the seedling tray into the DWC pots (50mm) WITHOUT any media. The plants grow well, but fell over when they get too heavy. I need something to stabilize the plant in the pot so that it can grow upright. Vermiculite in my area is too fine, and wash out of the pots, especially with the aeration below the rafts. I am considering rock wool, but some internet sources warn about potential irritation of the fish due to broken-off strands (same effect as fiber glass - I assume?)
    Questions: 1. Do you share the rock wool concerns? 2. I am concerned about large scale farming and how labour intensive the "pot filling" can be. Any wisdom?

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