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Dayboro Newbie [N of Brisbane, Au]

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Emji, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Emji

    Emji New Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    Armstrong Creek
    Greetings fellow lunatics,
    [perhaps you aren't, but I am - for taking this on too]

    Background: avid gardener with a few hA, a view, but terrible soil. Have chooks, retired, love tinkering in my workshops & garden.

    Been reading/planning on HP/AP for years in case I had to leave the farm due to age/being infirm - they have both caught up & I'm not leaving after all.

    Started a kid's pool [1x1m] GB test bed a year or so ago to run off my ornamental goldfish pond [say 2x3m] - setup with expanded clay, syphon, but old pump died on first run!!!! grrrr. The end of that for now. Since 'collected' a few misc pumps 'waiting for the time' - people dump the most useful of stuff!

    Local garden club has a 2 IBC system in limbo :-( then saw neighbour [well, 900m away] running a small system for 8 months with Jade Perch. Told my mate of the recent AP interest & he mentioned that he worked with the son of a AP guy - guess who - Murray! Inspired, again! :) So...

    Project AP:
    - have 4 1000L IBCs [2 currently processing SVO]
    - a 6000L tank [needing a liner]
    - several 200L blue drums
    - just finished a 10x10m pond [for grow out & mixed fish &, of course, fire fighting] - yet to be netted. Have a 13ML supply dam but cold, shaded & 30m down in the gully & is a bugger to pump up against that head. Besides, the cormorants/darters love the dam! When I say cold, the JP wouldn't start eating until summer in that dam :) BTW: the garden is down there too where the soil is ok - helluva climb!
    - preparing a flat space for the system now - the view comes at a price - steep ridges that our goats love but jelly won't stick to.
    - have good sloping north face for heating in winter [how many times have I seen/thrown old solar HWS at the dump!]
    - chook & goat pens above AP area to supply nutrient to duckweed ponds & BSF larvae for JP

    The dream:
    - feed 2 of us [& growing grandkids] on Jade Perch, a few Eel-tailed Catfish, some crays, lots of veges, & perhaps some exotic meats later [cavy, insects, snails from the surplus]
    - automated system monitoring [I'm into Arduino & Raspberry Pi too], which leads to...
    - a small farmbot [on gantry in garden bed] - just for fun!

    some questions to come!
  2. TonyGrunk

    TonyGrunk Member

    Dec 17, 2015
    wow - good stuff - will be interested in how this goes - feel free to add pics.

    ps you dont know cold till you run these in canberra - tank was at 2% for a long part of winter.
  3. Murray

    Murray Site Admin Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2009
    Go for it Emji. I hope you get it up and running.

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