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Aquaponics in korea

Discussion in 'Commercial Systems' started by Alex Choi, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Alex Choi

    Alex Choi New Member

    Sep 28, 2016
    South Korea
    Hello everyone

    My name is Alex Choi and lining in korea.

    Actually, next year i will start Aquaponic with commercial size.

    Pleaes advise me for my plans


    My green house would be like this.(24m*60m)

    i will grow lettues.

    I will use A shape stand with 75mm pvc pive.

    Under the A Shape Stand, I will set up cannal(fish tank).

    Mainly will raise freshwater prawn and add carp.

    Total growing space will be 2376 sqm(2.2m*4m*2 side*15stand*9row)

    Total holes will be 28350holes(15holes*7pipe*2side*15stand*9row)

    Total feed / Day : 40g*2376 sqm=95.040g=95kg

    Total Weight of fish required : 4750kg (95000=2%*Totlal Weight of fish)

    Total Cannal(fish tank) surface area : 853.2sqm (1.58m*60*9)

    Total water volume : 492T [(0.7+1.58)/2*0.8*60*9]

    As i know, We can stock 20 freshwater frawns in 1sqm with substrate provided.

    So total prawn will be about 17,060 (20*853sqm).

    Total weight of fresh prawn will be only 682.4kg

    so i have to stock carp or catfish to prodce enough nutrition.

    Filteration : 10% of tatal fish tank volume (492.48t*10%=49T)

    Do i need to buy 49000L of Bio-balls?

    by the calculation, i need really big size fish farm and filteration.

    Am I on right track?

    In korea Freshwater prawn is very new and it's about $50/kg.

    However, people doesn't like fresh water fish.

    Thanks for the long reading and pleaes share your idea.
  2. maxkim279

    maxkim279 New Member

    Nov 3, 2016
    south korea
    Hey alex

    please contact me 010 2466 4562

    im studying aquaponics systems in Korea as well

    let's figure it out together
  3. Jacob Konold

    Jacob Konold New Member

    Jan 4, 2017
    United States
    South Dakota
    Hello Alex and maxkim279,

    Are either of you in need of employees? I currently live in the United States and just received a Bachelor of General Studies focused on Aquaponics and would LOVE to find a career in South Korea. A reason to learn and live in South Korea would be absolutely incredible.

    Thank you,
    Jacob Konold

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