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Air Lift Pump for main sump to distribution tank pump

Discussion in 'Aquaponics Ideas' started by Jason Wolbert, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Jason Wolbert

    Jason Wolbert New Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    Hi all,

    Totally fascinated with Glenn Martinez' airlift pumps and was wondering as to the feasibility of using an airlift pump driven by the recommended, diaphragm air pump(40-60 watts) to lift the main water supply from a sump below, up to an overhead distribution tank that would then gravity flow through the various loops(just like a CHOP system) - fish tanks/filtration, media/raft beds. This application for a small home system as a start to proof the concept. With the right dragon tail(s) on the air lift pump, providing complete aeration of the water bubbles smashed in the water with a-round-about DO of 6-9ppm , is it possible that no other aeration is needed in the system as is typical for the fish tank and raft beds? Assuming that I would install something similar for the mineralization tank to further recycle the nutrients.

    Wondering if anyone has thought of this in conjunction with one of Murray's systems(like the Indy 23), not trying to get around the aeration concept, but if the bubbles are smashed in the water column and carried through the various loops - is that not providing adequate DO as it's distributed? And this then, wouldn't it be above and beyond(far more effective aeration) than what is typically happening with aeration via stones in the fish tanks and raft beds?

  2. Murray

    Murray Site Admin Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2009
    Hi Jason, The aeration in the Glenn M system you describe is truly excellent, but you will still need air stones in the raft beds.
    Are you a student of one of my courses?
    If so which one?

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