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Aeration HELP

Discussion in 'Commercial Systems' started by Scott NEary, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Scott NEary

    Scott NEary New Member

    May 2, 2014
    Hi there, im relatively new to air flow /aeration and looking to set up a system asap. I need a little help deciding whats needed if possible.
    Ill need two systems, both ran by Sweetwater s31 blowers. One system will feed one big fish tank (15000L) and needs 12cfm at 40" in a 48'' deep tank.
    In the other system i need to supply 6cfm or more @10'' depth over 24 long grow beds ((18bedsx29')+(6bedsx44')= 786 linear ft total) (stacked 6 tanks high per tower).

    For the second system I was considering my options between a series of medium pore diffusers or diffuser hose. My best assumption is diffuser hose may be better due to its ability to operate at a range of CFM (.1cfm-.5cfm/ft) in case my calculations are wrong or need adjustment. I also need to know how to connect the series of hoses to the blower as their connections are different. Sweetwater s31 Im assuming a series of manifold but i cant tell which suit my interest. As for the first system im confused as to what sort of diffuser to use at all.

    I also need to know how often to add regulators in the system to keep air flow constant.

    Diffuser/ diffuser hose: http://www.dynamicaqua.com/diffusers.html
    Sweetwater Blower: http://www.dynamicaqua.com/aeration.html
  2. Ringer

    Ringer Active Member

    Jan 30, 2016
    Hi Scott,
    Is this beast of an aerator (340 litres per min) going be used to move water in an airlift or just as an aeration system . If your taking floating raft I'd use the diff. Hose in the GB's. I'd put reg's at the start of each GB as it's very hard to predict/calculate the effects of joiners , T,s , elbows and varying hose lengths and that way you'll have a bit more control of the air movement and flow rates. A trap with aerators is that all movement created by them is directional (up), so when designing your 15,000l system think a lot about generating water movement , a lot of it .
    All the best with your setup.

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