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$700 The Lot ONO

Discussion in 'For sale - Lost - Found - Wanted - and such stuff.' started by Tony Campton, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Tony Campton

    Tony Campton New Member

    Aug 6, 2016
    Tony Campton here after about 2+ years of Brain Dead and all this time my large system has been ticking along.
    But due to old age and a few operations it has to stop, so.
    4 Sale at $700 ono
    4 x 1000lt pallet tanks, tops cut and a setup for a through connected 100mm pipe mounted on the outside.
    3 x grey Tanks (ex CSIRO yabby grow test) about 2m x .600 wide and .300 deep ( these have been used to grow Duck weed and they just love grow bags ) ( and there is a number of grey square tubs that fit into these that I fill with Gravel, makes it easy to move them even with plants in them
    3 x pumps large to small plus a Large Spa pump from a Juzzuki.
    Top End Air pump with about 12 0utlets (Green thing from fish shop)
    3 x Bath Tubs set up for auto drain (2 Have a High Frame)
    Huge amount of pipe and fittings (a couple of boxes of allsorts)
    Huge amount of computer operated taps ( computer as well (small in line thing but no instructions))
    Up to 12 Large Gold Fish and 10+ 18month old Jade pearch (you could start eating as soon as you are home)
    1 x Glass Fish Tank plus all the stuff that goes with it
    Plus a bunch of other stuff
    It all has to go in one lot to your place or a tip as long as there is nothing left. ( Not My Rules )
    Ph 0498 998 218 after 11am any day
    I am at the top end of The Sunshine Coast 8k,s north of Noosa
    You will need a 12v air pump to carry away all the Fish
  2. herefishyfishyfishy

    herefishyfishyfishy New Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    Hi Tony, I know it has been a while, but do you still have this system?

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