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Jan 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM
Jun 4, 2009
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Nov 12, 1946 (Age: 71)
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Brisbane Australia (southside)
Practical Aquaponics for Everyone. Manufacturer

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Site Admin, Male, 71, from Brisbane Australia (southside)

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Jan 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM
    1. kyle smith
      kyle smith
      Hi, Murray. I am a current student of the aquaponics design course. Would you please upgrade me to premium. Thank you
      1. kyle smith
        kyle smith
        Murray, what does a premium membership allow me to do on here?
        Aug 17, 2017
    2. Jeoffrey Glenn Morales
      Jeoffrey Glenn Morales
      Hi, Murray. I am currently a student of aquaponics design course batch July2017-Aug2017. I would like to request if you can upgrade me to premium. This is really much appreciated.

      Thank you
    3. kristian stoutt
      kristian stoutt
      Hey Murray
      i am a student on the aquaponics design course. please could you upgrade me to the premium status.
      my email address is :

      many thanks
    4. ayadayolnaturefarms
      Hello Murray , I am currently enrolled in the Aquaponics design course and will appreciate upgrade to the premium status.My email address is : ayadayolnaturefarms@gmail.com
    5. Andrew Houkamau
      Andrew Houkamau
      Hi Murray! I am a student recently enrolled in the current online Aquaponics design course . As per instructions given in webinar - signed up on this forum and now am sending you my email address. worldprank@gmail.com
      Great Course,
      Thank you so much!
    6. Melissa Voss
      Melissa Voss
      Hi Murray! I am a student (the one from MN ;) ) in your current online Aquaponics design course . Following instructions given in class - signed up on this forum and now am sending you my email address. VossGardener@gmail.com --- Enjoying it all so far. Thank you so much!
    7. Daniel Radlingmayr
      Daniel Radlingmayr
      Hi Murray, I have done my calculations for aeration into fish tanks and dwc as per the formulas in the design course. There is a 40 l/min pump listed in the Indy 11.5 plan set. My figures are 75 l/min for a 1000 l fish tank and 28 l/ min for the dwc Is this because the water flow is providing aeration. I am curious to know , if I can go down from 120 l/min to 80l/min,it draws only half the power.
      Cheers mate
    8. Shunyam
      Hi. What are the pros and cons LDPE or polyester FG? I got 2x 1000l FG fishtanks and 2x 600l FG growbeds, as well a swirl filter. I want to built at least another 2 beds out of ply 300x70x30cm each.
      Iit'll be a flood and drain syst. with dwc and media beds. Which to make the media beds the wooden ones or the FG ones. As well 3 bathtubs and 2 plyw. beds of 430x80x30cm. How much should be media b.?
    9. car720
      I am currently in China, promoting aquaponics as I go along. I would appreciate greatly your opinion as to the best way to grow sunflowers aquaponically. I had thought DWC on rafts but I would love your advice.

    10. Cthulhu
      Hi Murray, I'm trying to locate a commercial aquaponic farm to ask a few questions in regards to post harvest methods to complete my assignment. I can't seem to find any commercial farms or contact details on the net?
      Would you know anyone in Australia who could provide an answer to my questions?

    11. Gary Lombard
      Gary Lombard
      Hi Murray, I would like to get rid of my aquaponic systems. Moving to Brisbane and will be renting... 2 x IBC with one grow bed each and a blue barrel system with two grow beds. Operational for 2 1/2 years, 25 Jade Perch(+/- 30cm) with a few blue claw crayfish.
    12. MissyHigg
      Hi planning on setting up a system in Goolwa SA,
      I want at least 6 grow beds and would like to have fish all year round,

      would I be better off having 2 x 3000Lt tanks - one with larger fish and the other with small fingerlings, so that I can have fish growing to plate size at all times?
      Also , would it be best to place the tanks side by side and cover with a small shed ??

      any advice appreciated

      cheers Jan
    13. BigAl
      How do you deal with plant pests?
      How can you safe guard the fish in the system from toxins?
    14. Thomas Beasley
      Thomas Beasley
      Hi, Murray, Would there be any ill affects to adding a cup of Greensand into my 5 gallon Dutch Buckets with a grow medium mix consisting of 3 parts Perlite to 2 parts Vermiculite to 1 part Coconut Coir?
    15. Willaquapon
      Hi Murray, just a thought I'd share with you....For any newbie the use of abbreviations can be off-putting, if not confusing... perhaps a section with abbreviations and their meanings could be of value to the forum.
      regards Mike
    16. Kirk Scammell
      Kirk Scammell
    17. tangles69
      Hi Murray, I am in Gatton Qld, is there an operating commercial AP farm in this area? Would like to arrange a visit asap if there are any around, so we can get a handle on the complete set up. Thanks Don!!!
    18. tenbuckduck
      Hi Murray, I am in Brisbane, and looking for a local source of expanded clay. Can you sell it to me? Otherwise, can you recommend a source, preferably north side of Brisbane, or possibly Gold Coast region where I travel.
      I have one IBC unit ready to go, another unstarted, & two 120mm by 3M PVC pipe beds under construction. Hope you can help me with this, Thanks!
    19. RICK2014
      Question: If you have a high flow rate in a dwc system, can you increase the number of fish you are stocking in your grow out tank? I know they have the 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio you can follow but shouldn't flow be a determining variable as well?
    20. Steffi
      Hi Murray, I would like to know if you have training course for next year. Can you send the info to my personal email: steffi8889@gmail.com, Thanks!
      1. Murray
        Dec 20, 2013
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    Nov 12, 1946 (Age: 71)
    Home page:
    Brisbane Australia (southside)
    Practical Aquaponics for Everyone. Manufacturer
    Have loved gardening for ever. Own and run thid Forum to spread the good word about Aquaponics.

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