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New Profile Posts

  1. Brett jackie
    Brett jackie
    Hey Murray can you add me to premium
  2. Jared Sallee
    Jared Sallee Murray
    Jared Sallee... hey Murray.. can you add to premium
  3. Steven Mr. Hewitt
    Steven Mr. Hewitt
    Has anyone tried Aquaponics without recycling water? Just allowing fresh stream to run through a clearflow system?
    1. Murray
      Not sure what you mean, please explain further
      Apr 27, 2018
  4. Ethan
    Ethan Yabbies4me
    I am an INDY 23 plan purchaser but when I click pictures inside the Indy 23 private forum i get this message: "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." Any suggestions please?
    1. Yabbies4me
      HI Ethan, I have only just seen this msg. This is something you would need to speak to Murray about. Sorry I can't help further. Cheers.
      Apr 20, 2018
    2. Ethan
      1) I would like to see the Indy 23 Pictures on this site that have been posted by other INDY 23 builders
      2) I was hoping to gain some clarity on the shipping rates of having some items shipped to me here in the USA.
      3) I may have a couple of technical Indy 23 specific questions as I am about to start my build. I was hoping to speak with someone here in the USA that has built already.
      Apr 24, 2018
    3. Murray
      Please contact me giving your plan set number and we will log you into the premium members area. No worries.
      Apr 27, 2018
  5. Hyacinth
    Hyacinth bigdaddy
    how do I post a question on this forum?
  6. Ringer2
    Hi everyone , it's been a while. My old account won't let me in so I've started a new one.
  7. Brad Dibben
    Brad Dibben
    Just a beginner
  8. Brett Antymniuk
  9. Kevin John Mitchell
    Kevin John Mitchell
    Getting ready to start construction
  10. Maxime HUGONIN
    Maxime HUGONIN
    New but Excited about Aquaponie!!!
  11. Tracey van Niekerk
    Tracey van Niekerk
    Hi Could I use 2 x 700l fishtanks instead of the 1000l tanks - would have to join them.
  12. Majid Allas
    Majid Allas
    Happy to find You AquaPonic Fellow
  13. Shar
  14. Shar
  15. Babak Nourani
    Babak Nourani
    anyone can suggest ?
  16. Babak Nourani
    Babak Nourani
    hello everybody. we want to establish a greenhouse using aquaponic system , in a 60000 m^2 area in Iran.
  17. Psinet
    Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Aquaculture. La Trobe/Melbourne Poly.
  18. Psinet
    Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Aquaculture. La Trone/Melbourne Poly.
  19. Psinet
    Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Aquaculture.
  20. Grandpa
    Life is meant to be free: So dont tread on me, I BITE: