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New Profile Posts

  1. Kevin John Mitchell
    Kevin John Mitchell
    Getting ready to start construction
  2. Maxime HUGONIN
    Maxime HUGONIN
    New but Excited about Aquaponie!!!
  3. Tracey van Niekerk
    Tracey van Niekerk
    Hi Could I use 2 x 700l fishtanks instead of the 1000l tanks - would have to join them.
  4. Majid Allas
    Majid Allas
    Happy to find You AquaPonic Fellow
  5. Shar
  6. Shar
  7. Babak Nourani
    Babak Nourani
    anyone can suggest ?
  8. Babak Nourani
    Babak Nourani
    hello everybody. we want to establish a greenhouse using aquaponic system , in a 60000 m^2 area in Iran.
  9. Psinet
    Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Aquaculture. La Trobe/Melbourne Poly.
  10. Psinet
    Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Aquaculture. La Trone/Melbourne Poly.
  11. Psinet
    Bachelor of Agricultural Science - Aquaculture.
  12. Grandpa
    Life is meant to be free: So dont tread on me, I BITE:
  13. Grandpa
    Life was meant to be free: so dont tread on me: I Bite.
  14. Paul Voysey
    Paul Voysey
    Hi Murray, I am a student in the July ADC. Can you please upgrade me to premium. My email address is voysair@westnet.com.au
  15. csin5507
    Principal Asset Reliability & Maintenance Mgmt
  16. Shepherd Ziteyo
    Shepherd Ziteyo
    1. Shepherd Ziteyo
      Shepherd Ziteyo
      I have conducted an aquaculture research programme for the best methods of fish production in Bostawan, genetic selection and feed ingredient selection over the past 10 years.
      Aug 19, 2017
    2. Shepherd Ziteyo
      Shepherd Ziteyo
      I look forward to working with all sharing my passion in Bostwana and externally.
      Aug 19, 2017
    3. Shepherd Ziteyo
      Shepherd Ziteyo
      Due to water and environmental concerns as well as climate conditions, aquaponics is the future, however preferences should be put on location ie tropical to sub tropical (20 degrees N and 20 degrees S)
      Aug 19, 2017
  17. kyle smith
    kyle smith Murray
    Hi, Murray. I am a current student of the aquaponics design course. Would you please upgrade me to premium. Thank you
    1. kyle smith
      kyle smith
      Murray, what does a premium membership allow me to do on here?
      Aug 17, 2017
  18. omburaik
    wnt 2 start aquaponic pond with 2 ponds; carp/koi, but don't wnt 2 disturb natural spawning w/pump. yet need 2 remove waistes. what do I do?
  19. bill washington
    bill washington
    I have an earth ponds with 23,000 tilapia . this is the second time they stopped eating. water is aerated but we do have rain any ideas?
  20. bill washington
    bill washington
    Hello Everyone,