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New Profile Posts

  1. Cheeky Harvest
    Cheeky Harvest
    Marine biologist trying his hand at aquaponics :-)
  2. Marble Knight
    Marble Knight
    Owner of Rusted Root Farms in Vale, NC. We've been running an aquaponics operation for about two years now and will go to market in 2022.
  3. Dan Willis
    Dan Willis
    2020 is the year I am starting my Indy 11.5 system and needing to learn everything I can to do it right
  4. Ray Boorn
    Ray Boorn
    Starting to put together my Chop 2 system
  5. Nash
    Nash Murray
    Good day. I am new to aquaponics but have been educating myself for six months and am ready to start a community based commercial aquaponics business. I seek guidance in terms of design and size. I plan to: 1. Grow on 280sqm of 30cm deep DWC grow beds(I may need advice on how to harvest 2000 heads of lettuce/week) 2. Harvest 416kg of Tilapia every 6 weeks Any feedback or guidance will be appreciated.
  6. Natalia Ong
    Natalia Ong Yabbies4me
    Hi Yabbies,

    My Name is Natalia. i just starting to build my IBC aquaponics and i need hdpe liner. i see that you live in perth australia, do you know where to get hdpe or ldpe liner around here?.
    i missed your workshop. i only see it today. you going to have another one?

    thank you so much.

    kind regards,
    1. Yabbies4me
      Hi Natalia,

      It depends how much you are after. We can get pond liner in long rolls for large jobs, but we don't sell by the metre or break up rolls.

      As far as the workshops are concerned, the next will most likely be March. If you go to my Perth Aquaponics Facebook page and click "Follow", I post workshop details on there and you will get an automatic notification when I do.


      Dec 21, 2018
    2. Yabbies4me
      Mar 5, 2019
  7. Tracye
    Tracye Murray
    What answer do you give when out marketing products regarding potential contaminates such as E. coli? I don't recall conversation regarding this during the course. We've researched it and read that cold-blooded animals (fish) don't harbor E. coli or other typical contaminates. What have you all found?
  8. Satit Chay
    Satit Chay
    Hello there. Good to be here. I'm Satit Chay from Bangkok, Thailand.
  9. Carmel Schmidt
    Carmel Schmidt
    Hi Carmel here and i have purchased the Indy 23 and cant wait to build it. I live at Central MacDonald near Wisemans Ferry NSW.
  10. Tertius
    Tertius Murray
    Good day Sir thanks very much for the course I cant wait to slowly build my way up
    1. Murray
      Go for it Tertius. Keep us posted about your progress
      Sep 2, 2018
  11. Priyesh
    exploring the concept of Aquaponics
    1. Murray
      Here is a good place for info.
      Sep 2, 2018
  12. jeffnewy
    jeffnewy Murray
    Hi Murray. I bought the Indy 23 plans a few years ago (plan set no. #23113). Finally back in australia and thinking of setting it up. Does buying the plan get you access to the Indy 23 forum? if so, could you give access pls?
    with thanks.. Jeff
    1. Murray
      Yes, you are already a member of that user group. Lets know how you get on.
      Sep 2, 2018
  13. Sideshow
    Back online!!
    1. Murray
      Yes, the hosting plan expired, so I paid the money and all is well. Funny thing that, they want money!!!!
      Sep 2, 2018
    Hi Murray, I'm as well a student of yours Tuhiti SANFORD (March 2018)... Would it be possible to get an upgrade to premium? Thanks in advance!
    1. Murray
      I have just upgraded you.
      Sep 2, 2018
  15. Psinet
    I managed 9/9 High Distinction for my 3rd year courses. Highest possible.
  16. Mohamed Abdelmaksoud
    Mohamed Abdelmaksoud Murray
    Hi, Murray. I am a student of the aquaponics design course.March 2018 Would you please upgrade me to premium.
    Thank you
  17. Jared Sallee
    Jared Sallee Murray
    Hi Murray, Spring of 18 here...can you add me to premium please. salleejt@gmail.com is my email
  18. Anish
    Anish Murray
    Hey Murray. I am a student of the ADC March 2018.
  19. Sam1234
    New member
  20. Brett jackie
    Brett jackie
    Hey Murray can you add me to premium