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How big a fish tank do I need?

It depends on what you want from your system…You need to decide how many fish you wish to grow and what fruit and veges you want to grow…Once you have decided that You need to look at how much room you have available to put your system on…

When beginning with aquaponics it is wise not to start with a system that is to big….And if you go to small you need to adjust for increased fluctuations in water temperatures depending on climate…

The ideal starter system size would be between 500 litres fish tank size to approx 2000 litres….

When beginning, one thing to remember is the amount of grow bed you will need is proportional to the size of your fish tank…

Technically The filtration capacity of your system dictates the amount of feed to feed your fish, how many fish and size of your fish tank…This is difficult to work out and understand when starting out so working to a proven rule of thumb tends to get you started.
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Dec 23, 2013
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